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Dr Joo Meng Quah - Shepherd

Principal Dentist Dr Meng Quah-Shepherd has been the proprietor of Boutique Dental Care for 17 years. London trained, she has a special interest in cosmetic dentistry. We know It would be ignorant to think that the appearance of your smile doesn’t have a connection to the appearance of your lips and rest of your face. This is why Boutique Dental Care created the ‘Smile Lift’ as an anti-ageing treatment which uses cosmetic injections to minimise the appearance of wrinkles and prevent further wrinkles from forming. The cosmetic injections used are also referred to as dentofacial aesthetics as they improve the overall dentofacial area.

Dentist Name
Dr Joo Meng Quah - Shepherd

Level of Training
  Fundamental Botox and Dermal Filler
  AesthetiCon Attendance