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Colin Kanowitz

Dr Kanowitz's Dental & Facial Aesthetics Surgery takes great pride in helping you maintain & create a magnificent smile, which enhances your overall facial aesthetics & assist in achieving and maintaining optimal oral health. In addition to Dental procedures, Dr Kanowitz is highly trained in the field of Facial Aesthetic treatments & is devoted to creating & providing world class treatments.

Dentist Name
Colin Kanowitz

Level of Training
  Fundamental Botox and Dermal Filler
  Advanced Botox and Dermal Filler (Further)
  Practice Staff training (Friends)
  Dermal Science and skin rejuvenation (Face)
  In-depth anatomy (Forensic)
  Concentrated growth factors & stem cells (Phlebotomy)
  Thread lifts (Fiber)
  AesthetiCon Attendance
  Refresher Training attendance (Freshen'Up)
  Facial Fat Reduction (FAT)
  In Practice Mentorship and Clinical Training (Further-Education)