Event - FELLOWSHIP Training Pathway

FELLOWSHIP Training Pathway

2020-01-01 to 2021-12-31



  • The AADFA fellowship package includes.........
  • FUNDAMENTAL (Botox & Dermal Filler Training)
  • FACE (Dermal Science Module)
  • FRIENDS (Auxiliary Training for your staff)
  • FURTHER (Advanced Botox & Dermal Filler Training)
  • PHLEBOTOMY (CGF / PRP / Venipuncture)
  • FIBER (Thread Lift)
  • FAT (Facial FAT Reduction)
  • FORENSIC (Anatomy Dissection for Facial Aesthetics)
  • FRESHEN'UP (One one One refresher training)
  • FELLOWSHIP (Honorary Fellowship)


AADFA’s most popular starting point and the course that started it all. Delivering progression and opportunity to the dental profession when AADFA first began, the Fundamental course will do the same for your practice today!

A two-day training module which carries 16 hours of verifiable scientific CPD and focuses on the core dento-facial uses of Botulinum toxin and Hyaluronic Acid based dermal fillers. The course covers both facial rejuvenation and dental therapeutic uses of the world’s two most popular dento-facial procedures. An exciting combination of group discussions, demonstrations and dozens of live patient treatments.

The Fundamental program is that in name only – it is a comprehensive, heavily "hands-on”, practical experience, that will ignite your passion and set you well on the path of Complete Dento-Facial Health & Rejuvenation, teaching you the most sought after treatments in facial rejuvenation.


What is “FACE”?

AADFA’s in-depth FACE course addresses the core topics underpinning the concept of Complete Dento-Facial Health & Rejuvenation and answers key questions that every modern dental practitioner should know, such as “What is skin?” ; “How does it deteriorate and change over time?” ; “What are the best ways to maintain Skin and limit deterioration” ; and “The best approaches to rejuvenating skin once it has deteriorated”. A two-day training module which carries 16 hours of verifiable scientific CPD for Dentists, Hygienists and Therapists, FACE is designed to educate the entire dental team on the broad topics of Dermal Science, Dermal Therapies and Facial rejuvenation processes (beyond Botox and Dermal Fillers), across the dento-facial region.


What is “FRIENDS”?

FRIENDS is a training program specifically designed to educate dental team members in the concept of Complete Dento-Facial Health & Rejuvenation and how each team member, from Hygienists & Therapists, to Practice Managers & Assistants play a vital role in successfully integrating these services into their current dental practice.


What is “FURTHER”?

AADFA’s advanced BOTOX and Dermal Filler program is where we take you from fundamental to mastery! Many dental practitioners understand and are trained in basic Botox and Dermal Filler treatments and think that they are now practising the full concept of Complete Dento- Facial rejuvenation, but instead, they have simply gone from focusing on just the mouth, to focusing on the mouth and a very limited number of other structures, like the lips and lines caused by muscle action. There is a necessarily much broader picture that needs to be understood so practitioners can address all the needs of their patients and achieve outstanding, long-lasting and natural outcomes.

Both practitioners and Patients alike have come to realise the value and need to blend facial
advice and treatment alongside traditional intra-oral approaches. The benefits to patients
are obvious, with surveys revealing their preference for receiving skin therapies from a dental
practice being due to convenience and time-saving; improved quality of care, outcomes and skill compared to other clinics; together with trust in a long-standing professional relationship and the knowledge that there are exceptional levels of infection control and regulation. Equally, those practitioners who have already embraced this advanced concept and treatment approach have found the rewards being that they reach their full potential as a professional; offering higher and more rewarding levels of care; while also staving off industry competition and dramatically increasing practice revenue.

FURTHER is a two-day training module which carries 16 hours of verifiable scientific CPD and focuses on the advanced dento- facial uses of Botulinum toxin and Hyaluronic Acid based dermal fillers, as well as advanced and comprehensive patient analysis, diagnosis and treatment planning. FURTHER is an exciting combination of group discussions, demonstrations and dozens of live patient treatments that will push you to the next level!


What is “FIBER”?

AADFA’s revolutionary program to combat Skin Laxity and skin deterioration. FIBER is a two-day training module (combined with PHLEBOTOMY), which carries 16 hours of verifiable scientific CPD and focuses on the use of Polydioxanone (PDO) threads or sutures. Traditionally, the only reliable approach for loose skin or skin laxity issues was to wait until the problem was serious enough to warrant undergoing surgical repositioning (“facelifts”, “bletheroplasty”), with expensive therapies such as Focused Ultrasound and Radiofrequency only able to be used for mild cases and proving largely unreliable. PDO Threads now offer a simple, cost- effective, non-surgical, injectable alternative for skin laxity issues, as well as being able to improve the condition of the skin itself.



AADFA’s most unique program, PHLEBOTOMY teaches dental teams to address intra and extra-oral problems using blood concentrates. Across two immensely practical and “hands- on” days (combined with FIBER), PHLEBOTOMY carries 16 hours of verifiable scientific CPD.

While they can be utilised as stand-alone therapies, PDO threads and blood concentrates are taught in tandem as AADFA has developed a world-first clinical protocol which combines both therapies in a single session (called the “Concentrated Lift”), to synergistically achieve unparalleled dento-facial health and rejuvenation. There is no other course globally that teaches such a protocol and it’s just another example of how AADFA continues to innovate and lead the industry for the benefit of the dental profession.


What is “FAT”?

AADFA’s latest program is designed to specifically cater to one of the most sought after treatments and combat one of the most problematic health and aesthetic issues – facial fat deposits. FAT is a two-day training module, carrying 16 hours of verifiable scientific CPD, introducing dental teams to the various options available for modern medical fat reduction in the head and neck region.


What is “FRESHEN UP”?

AADFA Members have the opportunity to attend as many

FREE practical “Refresher” sessions as they would like it order to gain further experience and maintain ongoing clinical proficiency

These sessions are held on the same dates as every FUNDAMENTAL & FURTHER course that AADFA teaches across the world and involve practitioners receiving intensely focused, face-to-face, one-to-one clinical mentoring from the AADFA Trainer Team, to take their skills to the next level.


What is “FORENSIC”?

In 2016, AADFA held an innovative and interactive full-day live workshop involving cadaveric dissection at the Sydney Eye Hospital. This in-depth program explored the anatomy relevant to providing dento-facial rejuvenation therapies such as Botox, Dermal Fillers and Thread Lifting.

We have taken the footage from this event and blended it into an online program that is FREE for AADFA Members. This unique program combines live cadaveric dissection with commentary and injecting of live patients, to provide practitioners with the opportunity to refresh and strengthen their understanding of head and neck anatomy in order to achieve better clinical results for patients and to reduce the potential for complications.

FORENSIC covers peri-orbital anatomy; the path of the facial artery & how to avoid vascular complications with dermal filler; the use of hyaluronidase; lower face anatomy for Botox & Dermal Fillers; SMAS layer for Thread Lifting; facial fat compartments & how to target them for successful Dermal Filler placement; lip anatomy to ensure natural placement of Dermal Filler; Cheek & Mid-Face anatomy for Dermal Fillers & Thread Lifting; Upper face anatomy for Botox; Dermal Fillers & Eyebrow Lifting; Neck anatomy for Botox & Thread Lifting; Facial nerve location & avoidance; how to achieve profound anaesthesia from an anatomical

perspective; and much much more.

An online certification examination is completed in order to receive accreditation for 12 hours of verifiable, scientific CPD. 



Initial Dento-Facial Botulinum Toxin & Dermal Filler training for Dentists

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Advanced Dento-Facial Botulinum Toxin & Dermal Filler training for Dentists

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Dental Team training on integrating Botulinum Toxin & Dermal Fillers in to practice

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Fundamental dermal science & facial rejuvenation therapy training for Dentists & Dental Teams

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Phlebotomy - Blood Concentrates

Venipuncture & Concentrated Growth Factors (CGF) training for Dentists, Hygienists & Therapists.

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Facial Thread Lift training for Dentists

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Australia's ONLY Aesthetic Dentistry Conference!

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AADFA Members have the opportunity to attend as many FREE practical “Refresher” sessions as they would like.

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Anatomy Dissection for Facial Aesthetics

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Advanced Facial Fat Reduction Training for Dentists

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Comprehensive Teeth Whitening Training for the Entire Dental Team

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Honorary Fellowship on completion of the AADFA Training Pathway

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Build a successful Facial Aesthetics Practice.

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Further - Education

In Practice Clinical Training and Mentorship

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FREE FOR AADFA MEMBERS! LIVE Interactive e-learning sessions

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Combination Super Advanced Facial Aesthetics Training

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