Event - "Fluoresce" Launch

"Fluoresce" Launch

19-20 March, 2021




Comprehensive Teeth Whitening Training for the Entire Dental Team.



Over the last few decades, teeth whitening has become the foundation of cosmetic dentistry, representing one of the most cost effective, minimally invasive, entry level options for patients wishing to enhance the appearance of their smile. When looking at developing an “AADFA Style”, complete intra- and extra-oral, Dento-Facial Aesthetic treatment plan for patients, teeth whitening should be high on the list of proposals. During our AADFA training pathway we share a system for conducting an extra-oral examination which ALWAYS starts with taking a tooth shade for EVERY patient – such is the importance of whitening procedures in achieving the best overall aesthetic result and in driving business success.

However, recent years have also presented greater challenges to Dental Practices in maintaining perceived value of in-ofiice procedures, in the face of growing competition from non-dentist teeth whitening services.

At the same time, to provide more comprehensive dento-facial care to patients, many Dentists have made the move to offer facial rejuvenation therapies, such as Botox, Dermal Fillers and PDO Thread Lifts, within their practice, alongside traditional dentistry. These services have long been thought of as diversifying our dental businesses to ensure new streams of revenue at a time when traditional dental business is getting tougher. However, if used wisely, facial rejuvenation procedures can also help to revitalise the demand for waning intra-oral dental procedures as well.

One such example is the unique protocol, developed by AADFA in a world-first, using LED skin therapy with in-office teeth whitening. Adopting this procedure allows Dental practices to set themselves apart and market a novel treatment that kills two birds in one appointment, providing skin rejuvenation at the same time as teeth-whitening. It enables Dentists to once again create a point-of-difference against non-dentist whitening services, as well as justifying the higher cost of treatment.

 To learn more about this procedure and the latest materials and methods in teeth whitening in general, be sure to attend AADFA’s brand NEW training program called “FLUORESCE”!


Initial Dento-Facial Botulinum Toxin & Dermal Filler training for Dentists

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Advanced Dento-Facial Botulinum Toxin & Dermal Filler training for Dentists

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Dental Team training on integrating Botulinum Toxin & Dermal Fillers in to practice

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Dermal science & skin rejuvenation (e.g. laser, micro-needling, chemical peel) training for Dentists & Dental Teams

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Phlebotomy - Blood Concentrates

Venipuncture & Blood Concentrate (PRP, CGF) training for Dentists.

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Facial PDO Thread Lift training for Dentists

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Australia's ONLY Aesthetic Dentistry Conference!

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AADFA Members have the opportunity to attend as many FREE practical “Refresher” sessions as they would like.

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Anatomy Dissection for Facial Aesthetics

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Facial Fat Dissolving/Reduction/Injection (e.g. BELKYRA) Training for Dentists

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Comprehensive Teeth Whitening Training for the Entire Dental Team

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Honorary Fellowship on completion of the AADFA Training Pathway

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