Event - Sydney FURTHER


14-15 July, 2017

Two full-days which carries 16 hours of verifiable scientific CPD and focuses on the advanced dental therapeutic and facial aesthetic uses of Dermal Fillers and Botulinum Toxin in the dento-facial region.  An exciting combination of group discussions, demonstrations and dozens of live patient treatments. 
While all materials and notes will be provided, this course has been designed to maximize "hands-on"practical experience and as such participants are required to arrange a patient to attend on the second day for them to complete practical training. Detailed information regarding appropriate patient selection (including contra-indications, medical history, consent etc), will be provided to all attendees upon completion of final registration.  
We strongly advise treating your own patients/friends/family/staff as it is of no educational value to provide treatment to a patient you are never going to see again.  You must be able to review the patient two weeks after initial treatment has been performed, as the true results of many procedures are not apparent for several weeks and this review will allow you to see and learn from the results of treatment provided during the course, as well as providing adequate follow-up measures and continuing care.

AADFA is able to assist you in selecting suitable candidates to work with during your training (by viewing pre-operative photographs provided by you and giving advice), however AADFA will NOT provide patients for you and failure to complete practical training will result in certification being withheld.  


  • What you will learn...
  • Philosophy of a global, mathematical approach to facial rejuvenation – the dental difference
  • Relevant advanced Facial Anatomy, the Facial Ageing Process & the full spectrum of facial rejuvenation
  • Physiology & Pharmacology of Advanced Botox & Dermal Fillers
  • How to treat under-eye lines/deficiencies, tear troughs, nose enhancements, chin, jawline & cheek enhancements, temples, platysma, mesotherapy, migraine/headaches, sialorrhea & much more
  • Potential contra-indications, complications & side effects – how to avoid and manage them
  • Necessary Treatment records, photography & consent
  • The Law surrounding Dentists & Facial Rejuvenation – the right insurance & how to be protected
  • The Business of Advanced Facial Rejuvenation – how to market, how to charge - from the unique dental perspective


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