Training Module - AesthetiCon

AesthetiCon - Australia's ONLY Aesthetic Dentistry Conference

AesthetiCon Airlines Takes Flight!

Australia's ONLY Aesthetic Dentistry Conference!

AesthetiCon reinvents the concept of what a dental conference should be, making it as entertaining as it is educational.  Coming to town every 2 years, AesthetiCon is a conference focused entirely on the field of Aesthetic Dentistry, an art and science that continues to rapdily evolve and is in greater demand by patients. While not a specialty in itself, Aesthetic Dentistry is certainly now deserving of its own conference. 

AesthetiCon is based on 2 vital ingredients:

  1. An unrivalled line-up of international and local talent, delivering spell-binding presentations and workshops
  2. A fun-filled, out-of-the-box, progressive experience delivered through an imaginative theme

The exciting AesthetiCon, Australia's ONLY Aesthetic Dentistry Conference, is taking off again from Sydney in October 2017.

Following the huge success of the "Circus" theme in 2015, proving that dental education can be as entertaining as it is educational, AesthetiCon 2017 will see us flying around the globe with an adventurous and fun-filled "Airline" theme.

Travel the world and see the most amazing international and domestic aesthetic dentaldestinations (presenters) and be wowed by AADFA's award winning in-flight service!

Whether you are joining us as an AADFA Member First Class passenger, or taking a seat in our Business Class cabin (Economy? We don't Do economy!), AesthetiCon Airlines offers you an incredible array of in-flight social entertainment to enjoy throughout the flight.

Naturally, our airport terminal displays a full selection of the most innovative "duty-free shopping", allowing you to see the latest facial and dental aesthetic products and services from across the globe!




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Australia's ONLY Aesthetic Dentistry Conference!

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