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Dental-Spa Concept: The New Face of Dentistry From general dentistry to the latest facial aesthetic and rejuvenation techniques, AADFA Member dental spas are creating a one-stop health and beauty experience for the patient who has limited time and is looking for convenience in a pleasing and soothing atmosphere.  BY: AADFA

‘Zoom-Face Envy’ – How Extra Screen Time Has Led To A Jump In Botox Bookings The increased use of teleconferencing platforms such as Zoom during the COVID-19 pandemic has fuelled an unexpected surge in demand for Botox and other facial rejuvenation treatments.

RETINOIDS:THE KNOCK-OUT PUNCH BY AADFA Fighting poor skin health, ageing and aesthetics is a constant battle, with every great approach to maintenance and rejuvenation inevitably following a multi-pronged program, due to the complex and multi-factorial nature of skin ageing and the deterioration process.

SKIN CARE :THE RIGHT INGREDIENTS MATTER BY AADFA Establishing the foundations of great skin health must always start with establishing a regular at- home routine, using products with scientifically proven ingredients , at the right concentrations.