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Dental-Spa Concept: The New Face of Dentistry From general dentistry to the latest facial aesthetic and rejuvenation techniques, AADFA Member dental spas are creating a one-stop health and beauty experience for the patient who has limited time and is looking for convenience in a pleasing and soothing atmosphere.  BY: AADFA

With an eye for aesthetics and a focus on facts, Dr Luke Dunn is not only passionate about seamlessly uniting the art and science of dento-facial aesthetics, he’s also dedicated to educating and empowering his patients, and that’s the beautiful truth about Luke Dunn Dental.   We chat to Josie Dunn; Managing Director and Co-Owner of Luke Dunn Dental in Cairns, Far North Queensland about how her and Dr Luke have created an incredibly successful "dental spa" practice. As a business and as a team, Josie and Luke continue to grow and evolve, and with their recent surgery renovation and extension, this power couple have so much to be proud of! Josie and Luke are shaking things up after introducing their "FACE FACTS" live demonstration evenings, and we are excited to hear all about it and follow their incredible journey!