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Dental-Spa Concept: The New Face of Dentistry

Dental-Spa Concept: The New Face of Dentistry

From general dentistry to the latest facial aesthetic and rejuvenation techniques, AADFA Member dental spas are creating a one-stop health and beauty experience for the patient who has limited time and is looking for convenience in a pleasing and soothing atmosphere. 


During lockdown smart AADFA Practitioners used the time wisely to examine every aspect of their Practice and Business and have redesigned, rebranded, revitalized and re-opened with an attractive new "dental-spa" concept. The dental-spa concept was not only attractive to new patients when they re-opened their doors but allowed Dentists to be more profitable more quickly by diversifying their services to offer existing patients more therapies, more choice and more options.

A standard visit to the dentist might go something like this: You are ushered into a putty-coloured room, where you lie back and tensely examine the pores in the ceiling tiles while a stranger examines your mouth, poking your gums and occasionally smearing fruit-flavoured polishing paste onto your chin. Best case scenario is you leave with satisfyingly clean teeth and the burning desire to run home and wash your face.

But the experience of going to the dentist, a classic locus of dread and discomfort, has changed. Across Australia & New Zealand, a growing number of AADFA member practices offer patients cushy amenities like blankets, massage chairs, beautiful smelling candles, noise-canceling headphones, light snacks, and barista made coffees. They have TVs mounted on the ceiling, where patients can play the Netflix show of their choosing. They give out warm scented towels, so people can wipe off the gritty cleaning crud caked on their faces. They offer facial aesthetic and rejuvenation services like; Botox, Dermal Filler, Thread Lifts, Fat-dissolving injections, LED facials, Chemical Peels, CGF Micro-Needling, Carboxy Therapy, Face Masks, Skincare and so much more...think of it like a one-stop shop where you can receive all of your dental, facial aesthetic and rejuvenation services under one roof! No longer do we have to drive from one side of the city to the other against traffic to visit multiple clinics, we now have the option to receive EVERYTHING we could need in the one place!

For the patients that want the high-end, Créme de la Créme experience can now find that by searching the AADFA Directory for Practitioners with the "fellowship" dot next to their name. The question is....are you and your Practice being left behind?

Image : @Luke Dunn Dental - QLD

"AADFA teachings have changed the way we practice and we now see the patients face as a whole, therefore now we diagnose and treatment plan the face as a whole instead of stopping at the oral cavity and ignoring the rest of the face. This allows us to provide more comprehensive results for our patients." Queensland AADFA Member.

"Changing the Face of Dentistry" (a term AADFA introduced) where we take patients from smile makeover to entire face makeover. The fusion of cosmetic dentistry with aesthetic facial treatments achieves maximum client and practice benefits. Today’s appearance-minded society is providing opportunities for dentists to appeal to their patients’ desire for both wellness and beauty.

AADFA Member Dental practices are expanding the level of aesthetic / rejuvenation treatments from just the smile to the whole face to create a kinder, gentler feeling regarding dentistry. Most of these practices are attempting to allay many dental patients’ fears by providing a relaxing atmosphere along with soothing face masks post treatment. However, as these spa-like amenities are working, the term “dental spa” sometimes is misunderstood. It’s not about clients walking around in robes, but more about providing aesthetic/rejuvenation procedures in addition to quality dentistry.

Image: @ Luke Dunn Dental - QLD

"The AADFA slogan “A Smile doesn’t end with beautiful teeth, nor should a trip to the dentist” puts it best. No longer are we focussing solely on the teeth, we now consider facial musculature, fat distribution, skin condition and lifestyle before bringing all these aspects together into plans that represent significant and comprehensive, long-lasting improvements to patients’ health and appearance." NSW AADFA Member


(1) Pampering: providing aromatherapy, warm towels, and specialty made coffees / teas on arrival.
(2) Therapeutic: providing facials, chemical peels, LED light therapy.
(3) Rejuvenation Spa Dentistry (The Crème de la crème of Dental-Spas): providing all of the above plus skin care, facial aesthetic procedures like; Botox, Dermal Filler, Thread Lifts, Belkyra, as well as an extensive facial rejuvenation menu like; microdermabrasion, chemical peels, LED light therapy, CGF, Skin Needling and so much more. This level of Dental Spa is created when an AADFA member completes the entire AADFA Fellowship Pathway.

In concert, all 3 of the Dental Spa concepts will benefit your patients and your practice.

"My journey with AADFA to facial aesthetics and rejuvenation began out of necessity as I was constantly frustrated at the lack of harmony between adjunctive facial aesthetic treatments my patients were receiving outside of the practice and the dental cosmetic treatments I was performing. Building a solid foundation with the smile and bite is the first step to improving facial aesthetics, however often aesthetic treatment plans compiled exclusively outside the dental environment, in particular treatments with dermal filler, attempt to camouflage dental or skeletal deficiencies with soft tissue augmentation that make it near impossible to create a stable, aesthetic result for the long-term." AADFA MEMBER - NSW

The spa dentistry concept is rapidly growing, fuelled by demand for additional aesthetic procedures for the entire face, not just the teeth. The facial aesthetic procedures are performed by the Dentist. Providing spa-type aesthetic procedures is a convenience for patients who want to receive these enhancements in a facility that they know and trust; it also represents a great opportunity for dentists.

From general dentistry to the latest facial aesthetic and rejuvenation techniques, AADFA Member dental spas are creating a one-stop health and beauty experience for the patient who has limited time and is looking for convenience in a pleasing and soothing atmosphere. Dentistry has been growing in the cosmetic realm through services like whitening and veneers. Now, cosmetic dentistry is naturally evolving to include spa treatments. Cosmetic dentistry and spa amenities are prime examples of avenues that people will turn to in order to look their best and feel their best especially after lockdown. Beauty and wellness are closely linked, and people are looking for solutions on how best to address these issues. Offering additional services provides the ultimate dental experience.


Image: @azuradental

AADFA have been filming The Créme de la Créme of Dental-Spas around Australia for patients who are looking for a plush experience. Featured above is Azura Dental & Cosmetics in Adelaide - Dr Deb Rea and her team offer everything from skincare to the latest facial aesthetic procedures as well as an extensive Facial Rejuvenation menu. If you're in Adelaide and you're looking for the best of the best, then @azuradental is your go to for the ultimate experience! Watch this space to see the Channel 7 feature with AADFA and Azura Dental and follow #AUSTRALIASBESTDENTALSPAS on instagram.

Image: @Tailored Teeth Dental & Cosmetics

"My patients absolutely love that we offer facial aesthetic & rejuvenation procedures as well as traditional dental services! The convenience of having facial rejuvenation treatments at your scheduled 6-monthly check-up appointment cannot be understated. I also often receive comments from patients about confidence in the infection control practices at a dental practice, combined with the accountability and trust that receiving treatments from a registered practitioner gives them." AADFA MEMBER - NSW

The key to having a successful dental spa is letting patients know that dentistry is not just about the teeth, but also care and improvement of the face. Facial Aesthetic and Rejuvenation treatments are great adjuncts that complement a makeover with ortho, crowns, whitening and implants.

"There’s a large convenience factor in having all of these allied health services available in one spot that can be tied in quite nicely with a general dental visit.

Amusingly, some of my patients seek out aesthetic treatments at our clinic without letting their friends or family know they’re doing it. Having the treatment carried out at the dental clinic gives them a degree of confidentiality.  There must be a lot of people out there puzzled why their partners require so much dental work!" AADFA MEMBER - WA

Entering a dental spa is different from entering a typical dental clinic. At a Dental-Spa, clients instantly feel relaxed and at ease. Before being seated for a dental service or facial aesthetic and rejuvenation services, clients are offered a specialty made drink on arrival, and a warm scented hand towel to start the visit with serenity and relaxation. A dental concierge meets patients’ every need. Upon arrival, clients can use headphones and watch a movie, or listen to music.


Indeed, giving patients a plush experience is very much a business tactic, meant to increase customer retention, bring in new patients, and inspire lengthy online reviews. Because fancy amenities aren’t yet standard, they can make a big impression on patients, some of whom will turn around and post on social media about their experiences. It’s free marketing!

“I’m certain my dentist is good at what he does, but I plan on going back purely because of all the pampering, and my skin has never looked so good” AADFA member patient.


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"Ensuring skin health underpins all of AADFA's teaching!" AADFA.


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