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The Beautiful Benefits of Exercise

The Beautiful Benefits of Exercise



The highest nutrition qualifications from Paul Check, Charles Poliquin and Reed Davis supported my work as co-founder of the hugely successful Bodyism Clean and Lean diet book series in London. Today I'm advisor on Australia’s most successful online weight loss program - Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation.
Nutrition coaching high profile clients like Hugh Grant and Jesinta Campbell has been a rewarding experience but my favourite clients are everyday people.
A Bachelor of Health Science and personal training initially fuelled my interest in nutrition. But it was a battle with my own health that gave me true direction – a practical and enjoyable approach to nutrition and health.
Experience has shown me government dietary guidelines are impractical and mainstream nutrition practices are based on inaccurate data. I understand what people in our society need and the changes they are willing to make to improve their wellbeing.
I'm excited to announce the latest string to my bow; I will be joining the AADFA team as a Health and Fitness presenter to bring you AADFA’s newest module “FUEL”.
“FUEL” will help you master the science of nutrition!
As you know, diet and skin go hand in hand. If you want great Skin then you need to be fuelling your body with the right ingredients!

The Beautiful Benefits of Exercise
Exercise, we all know it’s good for us, and most of us need to do more, but why is the entire planet
gradually getting fatter, slower and sicker?
While this is a huge question a lot of it comes down to priorities. Very few (if any) working people
leave their place of employment with unfinished jobs. They will get in early, work through lunch, stay
up till midnight, whatever it takes to get the job done. In short, they prioritise their work above their
health, which is why the vast majority of people on the planet are ageing way faster than they should,
this can be seen in their general lack of energy, their inability to deal with stress, and, if it’s really bad,
you can see it in people’s skin.

Exercise is often sold to the vanity Smurf in us all, exercise more and you’ll lose weight, be more attractive and overall happier. Although it only works like this in commercials exercise has hundreds of other benefits including the prevention of debilitating conditions such as diabetes, arthritis and dementia to name a few. It also has the benefit of making your skin look and feel better; it does this through a number of channels:

1. Less Stress- Exercise decreases your stress hormones, when you’re less stressed you will have less stress-related wrinkles.
2. Circulation– Any exercise that gets your blood pumping boosts circulation, which brings both oxygen and nutrients to the surface of your skin. A solid workout also produces sweat which can help the body rid itself of toxins and flush impurities out of your pores forming clearer and brighter skin, this is why you shouldn’t wear make up before you train, it can actually block and irritate your pores – more on this in a minute.
3. Better Antioxidant delivery – Antioxidants, along with oxygen work by neutralising free radical damage, which is the main trigger for cellular damage and collagen breakdown.
4. More Collagen- To a lesser degree physical activity can boost collagen levels and slow down some signs of ageing.

5. New Blood Vessels- Multiple studies have confirmed that regular exercise can boost new blood vessel formation in the skin. This is especially important when we hit our 40’s (trust me on this one). Studies show up to a 50% reduction in blood flow to the deeper layers of our skin, which means the nutrient supply is reduced, a great reason to get out there and sweat yourself young.
6. Sweat More - Sweating helps to cool the surface of the skin, flushes out grime and impurities and can even prevent harmful bacteria such as E.coli and Staphylococcus
from setting up shop on your skin.
7. Build Muscle- Building muscle mass through weight training exercises can help decrease the appearance of loose skin, especially if the loose skin is from weight loss.

Being Skin Smart

When you sweat / perspire your pores open up letting potential bacteria seep into your pores, which is why you should start your workout with a freshly cleaned face. For the boys a razor shave cuts away the dead skin cells, which is why we look and feel better after a shave. For the females an
exfoliation will have a similar effect. During training, continually pat your skin to keep it clean, then immediately afterwards give your hands and face a good wash.
When your skin is hot after working out from either your internal body heat or the external environment, or the double-whammy of training hard out in the sunshine then this will cause your skins antioxidant levels to drop as the protein increases which, when done excessively can damage your skins collagen supply which can eventually lead to sun spots, dry skin and premature aging.

Take home messages.

1. It’s important to do some form of exercise on a consistent basis that makes your heart pump and your skin sweat.

2. In order to make this a regular habit find an exercise that you LOVE to do – Jogging, team sports or my personal favourite - interpretive dance.
3. Start your workout with clean skin, as any form of make up or product on your skin will block your pores and inhibit the flushing process.
4. As you sweat wipe it away to avoid bacteria entering your pores. You don’t want to block the garbage truck when it’s taking away your internal toxins.
5. Stay hydrated with pure water before, during and after your workout. For the next level of clean, add some Aloe Vera concentrate in your water bottle.
6. Your liver is the main detoxification organ. Keep that flushed with a whole foods diet, lots of pure water and you guessed it – Regular exercise.
7. Prevention is always better than cure. So be smart and start up a healthy skin routine in your 20’s and 30’s so your skin remains clear, cleansed and free from pre-mature cellular ageing.

Tim loves helping people feel better through intelligent exercise, real life nutrition and a worry-free mindset.
Follow Tim on his Instagram Page @tim_pittorino . See Tim at the launch of “FUEL” at the 2020 “FAT” and “FACE” modules!
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