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The Circus is Coming to Town!

administrator --- - Sep,01 ago

When someone mentions a “Dental Conference”, often the images that spring to mind are not all that inspiring.  Sure conferences are a great one-stop shop for continuing education, being able to hear from multiple experts and listen to new ideas and concepts all under one roof, but on a personal level, they are SO BORING and never seem to change!

AADFA aims to change all of that next year with the September launch of the AesthetiCon in Sydney.  AesthetiCon reinvents the concept of what a dental conference should be, making it as entertaining as it is educational.  Coming to town every 2 years, the AesthetiCon is a conference focused entirely on the field of Aesthetic Dentistry, featuring everything from teeth whitening and CAD-CAM, to lasers and Botox!

AADFA Director, Dr Myles Holt says that, “The art and science of modern Aesthetic Dentistry continues to rapidly evolve and be in greater demand by patients, yet it is not something taught in great measure at dental school – we aim to address that gap”.

AesthetiCon is based on 2 vital ingredients:

1.   An unrivalled line-up of international and local talent, delivering spell-binding presentations and workshops, the likes of which        

      have never been seen in the region before and never under one roof.

 2.  A fun-filled, out-of-the-box, progressive experience delivered through an imaginative theme, which in 2015 will see a "CIRCUS"

      themed extravaganza held among the glitz and glamour of Australia's premier entertainment destination - THE STAR.  

While you sit back eating popcorn, some of the biggest names in Dentistry will deliver 3-days of world-class CPD, including some activities that have NEVER been seen at a dental conference before. 

The CAD-CAM challenge will see the 2 major technologies go head-to-head in a winner takes all battle to finally answer the question – which one is better?  Dentists will also get the opportunity to see live Botox and Dermal Filler injections performed on stage and to participate in facial aesthetics workshops – learning how to properly “finish” aesthetic cases by addressing deficiencies in the extra-oral soft tissues – proving that Aesthetic Dentistry is no longer just about teeth!

Dentists will also LOVE the new concept for the exhibition space at AesthetiCon.  Held outside on the “SkyDeck” at The Star, the “Sideshow Carnival” will feature only the latest and greatest aesthetic products and services, including the opportunity to learn about skincare products Dentists can sell and test drive facial treatments you can incorporate into your practice!  All this while eating hot dogs, fairy floss and playing traditional carnival games like clowns and the strength test!

Some fantastic social gatherings are also planned for AesthetiCon, which are all included in your ticket price.  And speaking of tickets, for the best prices, book before March 31st and you also stand the chance to win some incredible prizes, like a trip for two to Las Vegas to see Cirque Du Soleil, or the chance to have the cost of your AesthetiCon ticket, flights and accommodation fully paid for!

AesthetiCon has been developed to inject new life and vibrancy into a traditionally conservative profession in order to ensure it remains relevant and prosperous into the future.  Dr Holt says, “While not a specialty in itself, the Aesthetics field is certainly now deserving of its own conference – not to be an after thought at a traditional, dull, blue and white gathering where the same infection control lecture has been given by the same presenter for the past 10 years!”

AesthetiCon 2015 tickets are on sale now – but hurry as places are strictly limited. 

Visit for further information and to book your ticket.