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Aussie blokes are becoming more and more image conscious – but they don’t
necessarily like to admit it. Now they don’t have to… men can visit the dentist to fix
their teeth and add a side of “Brotox” while they’re in the chair.

“Brotox” is exactly the same procedure as the Botox injections many women use to relax
and smooth away fine lines and wrinkles.
According to a recent US study (by Cosmetic Dermatology), there’s been a 258% increase
in men getting “Brotox” injections over the past decade – and it seems Australian men are
getting on board.

Dentist Dr Kristina Cain has noticed a 25% increase in male patients asking for Brotox in
the past four years – but despite the rise says most people don’t know dentists administer
the injections.

“We’re very good injectors, we are highly skilled in the anatomy of the face and we really
understand the head and neck’s functionality,” said Dr Cain.
“We administer Botox injections, and it’s not just women who are asking for them – men
are catching on to their confidence-boosting results – although it takes longer for them to
make the decision,” she said.
“Men don’t want people to know they’ve had it done, while women are more open about
“Getting Brotox done at the dentist means men can be discreet about it. Some are
worried their peers will give them stick, and that they could potentially look more female
– which isn’t the case.”
“We assess the symmetry of the face, and ensure they keep their rugged, handsome look
so it seems like they haven’t really had anything done – we simply soften fine lines and

Dr Kristina Cain offering “BROTOX” to one of her patients at her clinic in  Brisbane CBD, Refresh Dental Spa.

Dr Kristina Cain offering “BROTOX” to one of her patients at her clinic in

Brisbane CBD, Refresh Dental Spa.

Dr Cain, who specialises in dento-facial aesthetics, said metrosexuality could be attributed
to the rise in Brotox requests.
Her clients include inner-city workers and high-end financial executives wanting to
maintain their image for career purposes, image conscious weightlifters, and men simply
wanting to impress their wives or partners – all typically in the 35-50 age bracket.
The benefits of getting Brotox at the dentist:

• Facial professionals: Dentists are experts in the anatomy of the head and neck and
understand facial symmetry.
• Skilled injectors: Dentists are highly skilled at injecting highly sensitive hard to
reach areas inside the mouth and have a comprehensive understanding of how the
face functions.
• Clinical environment: Dental surgeries adhere to the highest level of hygiene.
• Holistic approach: Dentists don’t just treat gum and teeth issues; they can take an
overall holistic approach to solve both the medical and aesthetic needs of patients.
• Discreet: Men can visit the dentist under the guise of getting their teeth fixed and
can leave with a side of Brotox!

Dr Cain has been administering Botox at her Brisbane dental practice, Refresh Dental Spa,
for about eight years and said a typical consultation involved finding out what was
bothering a patient the most, then devising a “facial map”.
“Men are usually fairly dismissive and say give me a bit here or there – there’s no fluffing
around,” said Dr Cain.
“I can advise them if it’s the frown lines needing work, across the forehead, the lines
around the eyes,” she said.
“I don’t want to take away the spark, or glint in their eyes, but we can soften the
muscles, so these lines don’t become so permanent,” she said.
“If they are sunken in in the face, we can also look at a dermal filler.”
“Botox has a big place in dentistry, it’s also not just for wrinkles, it can help relieve
chronic jaw pain, reduce problems such as grinding that can wear teeth away and
dramatically improve gummy or asymmetrical smiles,” she said.
“A few years ago, dentistry and cosmetic injectables were a controversial mix but when
you think about it logically, dentists are highly skilled at assessing the balance and overall
aesthetics of the face – in the UK it’s common place.”

Dr Cain said men required more Botox than women due to their musculature, and it would
set them back about $900 which is claimable under some health funds.
Brotox maintenance was needed around every three months, fillers every six months to
two years.

“Guys who come back don’t want to talk about it, they just say: ‘can I have some more’,
and they’re in and out in 15 minutes,” said Dr Cain.
“The main thing is not to go and rub their faces or go to the gym for 24 hours, let it take
and settle, and then we review the work in two weeks,” she said.
About Dr Kristina Cain

Dr Kristina Cain completed her studies at the University of Queensland and has over 23
years’ experience as a dental practitioner. She has worked in private practices around
Australia and enjoys treating patients from all walks of life.

Dr Cain has a special interest and flair for cosmetic enhancements, implant crowns, crown
and bridgework, QST (quick straight teeth) and especially facial aesthetics. Formerly a
trainer for the Australasian Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics (AADFA), Kristina is now
a Fellow of the International Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics (IADFE) in New York,
USA. She is also a Dental Consultant on the Dental Advisory Panel for Experien to assist
other dentists. Kristina strongly believes that the prevention of dental and facial
degeneration is the key to happy and healthy patients.

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