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Complete Dento-Facial Health & Rejuvenation

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Over the last decade, healthcare providers have grown to realize the importance of adopting a more harmonious and less segmented approach to patient care in order to achieve the best results.  For Dentists in Australia and New Zealand, this means it is no longer just about teeth and gums.  Dentists now routinely perform cancer screenings, measure blood pressure, assess patients for sleep disorders and breathing difficulties, counsel patients on nutrition and quitting smoking and Dentists can even screen for various infectious diseases just by taking a simple mouth swab.

Care for facial skin health and the provision of facial rejuvenation therapies is a natural and long overdue progression for Dentists, who are now able to utilize their vast skills and experience in the facial region to provide patients with more comprehensive care and develop more successful practices.  Australian and New New Zealand Dentists can now undergo comprehensive training to be able to offer everything from Botox an Dermal Filler injections, through to chemical peels, micro-needling and laser skin rejuvenation, as well as counseling patients on the best products to use at home.

Previously patients needed to consult several different practitioners in order to achieve the dento-facial health and aesthetic results they were looking for and this had the potential to result in a disjointed and unsatisfactory outcome.  In addition to this, training for those traditionally delivering facial therapies (ie. Medical doctors and nurses), is very poor, with little regulation.  This has created an industry rife with malpractice, poor results and dubious skills.

AADFA pioneered a new approach to facial rejuvenation and health - “Complete Dento-Facial Rejuvenation” – an approach focused on comprehensive training and a holistic, preventative and conservative treatment philosophy.  This has now set Dentists as the “Gold Standard” amongst health practitioners providing facial therapies.

With unparalleled levels of practical skill and anatomical knowledge of the facial region, Dentists are the very best people to be providing facial rejuvenation therapies to the public in a safe and hygenic clinical environment for both aesthetic and therapeutic needs.  Dentists are the only practitioners able to ensure the establishment of a strong, healthy, supporting dentition which then blends harmoniously with an enhancement of the external soft tissues to achieve the best, safest and most natural overall results.

This logical approach to treatment has now been accepted as the best methodology by other specialists and healthcare regulators, yet AADFA trained Dentists are the only practitioners who are truly able to provide this sound approach – combining dental and facial treatments under the one roof, in the same appointment, making treatment less painful, more convenient and more comprehensive.

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Cosmetic Dentists are among the only people to be able to offer a complete approach to facial aesthetics.

By first setting solid foundations through establishing optimal oral health and aesthetics, Dentists then add Botox, Dermal Fillers and Skincare enhancements, in the same appointments, to complete the picture, making treatment less painful, more convenient and more comprehensive.

Instead of facial aesthetic treatment being disjointed and leading to compromised results, Dentists ensure that lines are softened, lips are enhanced and skin health is optimized to compliment the aesthetic dentistry done in the mouth.