AADFA Membership

What is an “AADFAn” ?

Members of AADFA are affectionately known as “AADFAns” (ad-fans)

AADFA has established Dentists as the “Gold Standard” and true leaders in the provision of facial rejuvenation therapies, like Botox and Dermal Fillers.  Representing an active Member base of over 5000 Dentists, across 8 countries of operation, AADFA engages closely with regulators, insurance providers, and product manufacturers, on behalf of Members, as well as providing clinical, legal and administrative support to ensure our Members practice with the highest standards of ethical conduct, clinical excellence and responsible patient care.

AADFA engages in active, direct-to-public marketing to promote our Member base and encourage the public to utilise our online directory to locate a quality practitioner in their area. With AADFA’s high levels of training and professionalism, the public can be confident that a Dental Practice displaying current Membership to AADFA has undergone comprehensive, industry leading education; acquired the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to successfully deliver aesthetic and therapeutic facial therapies across the dento-facial region safely and effectively; and adheres to the highest clinical and ethical standards.

AADFA Member marketing has appeared across prime time television, radio and in publications such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Men’s and Women’s Health, as well as QANTAS and Virgin in-flight magazines.



Benefits of becoming an AADFAn include:

  • FREE access to a wealth of clinical support, resources & mentoring opportunities, including an online clinical education forum
  • FREE ongoing practical sessions, webinars and DISCOUNTED continuing education courses – learn more HERE
  • FREE administrative & legal support, marketing & practice management resources
  • FREE AADFA instructional video series - “FILM” 
  • FREE online "FORENSIC" course
  • “VIP” discounted attendance at Australasia’s ONLY Aesthetic Dentistry Conference – AesthetiCon – learn more HERE
  • BIGGEST discounts on a full range of facial injectable products and other services
  • PROUDLY display the AADFA Member Logo as a vital endorsement of skills and training
  • Inclusion in the Member Directorty and centralized, direct-to-public marketing
  • EXCLUSIVE members only website to manage all your needs

Plus much more ...


In order to be eligible for membership, Dentists must:

  • Be registered with the licensing authority in the country in which they practice & hold current professional indemnity insurance which includes coverage for facial rejuvenation procedures
  • Have successfully completed all theoretical and practical components (including assessment) of the AADFA Fundamental Training Program, as a minimum.  Many AADFAns have also undergone AADFA’s more advanced training programs
  • Undergo regular continuing education and abide by all regulations, codes and gudielines governing their practice of Dentistry
  • Adhere to accepted clinical protocols and standards of ethical practice adopted by AADFA and listed to the right of the "ABOUT AADFA" page.

We thank our amazing AADFAns for their dedication and constant support of AADFA’s vision. Without their continued loyalty and commitment, AADFA would not be able to achieve all that it does for the profession and, for this, Members have our utmost respect and gratitude.



AADFA Membership 
 Member Directory

Members receive the AADFA instructional DVD series “FILM” for FREE.

This 3-set, DVD series, comprising “FREEZE”, “FILL” and “FURTHER”, acts as a visual resource and reference guide to the procedures, concepts and materials covered in our training courses.



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