Dermal Fillers Uses & Training Courses

Uses for Dermal Fillers in Dentistry

As we age, the skin loses elasticity, volume and structural support which leads a deterioration in skin health and function, together with the formation of aesthetic defects such as deep lines, grooves and folds - especially around the mouth. In addition to this, our lips, which are one of the most prominent features of our face, begin to lose volume and become thinner and less well defined.

Naso-labial and Marionette lines are formed by skin folds running between the nose, mouth and chin. These furrows are among the first to appear on the aging face, and together with lip enhancement, are the primary areas treated by Dermal Fillers to improve facial rejuvenation. Dermal Fillers are a temporary treatment method, that provide immediate structural support and improved skin conditioning, leading to the reduction of facial lines and improved skin health. Dermal Fillers consist of a substance that naturally occurs in our bodies and is therefore broken down by natural means and is hypo-allergenic.

Realising that the results of dentistry alone are limited by the condition of the facial tissues surrounding the mouth means that undergoing AADFA Dermal Filler training is the logical next step for Dentists in Australia and New Zealand wishing to frame their artistry and provide a more comprehensive service to their patients.

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AADFA Dermal Filler courses for Dentists - Australia & New Zealand

AADFA prides itself on being a world leader and pioneer in training Dentists in the field of Facial Rejuvenation Dentistry. Through the development of our Dermal Filler courses for Dentists we are the only organisation in Australasia dedicated to upholding professional standards in this new area of Dentistry and do so by offering a complete series of facial health and rejuvenation training courses, together with the necessary after-training support and mentorship for Dentists to succeed.

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