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Scientists one step closer to delaying the ageing process...Until then, Botox! By CNN  

The Facial Therapy That Celebs Swear By, That's Become Popular After Lockdown. And Why It Could Be Better Than Botox! BY AADFA A facial therapy that involves stitching and lifting sagging skin with a needle and thread is gaining popularity in Australia - with demand increasing further since the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

Teeth Whitening & Rejuvenation Combo. A World-First! BY AADFA  

Give Your Practice a “Concentrated Lift”! BY AADFA As anyone who has trained with AADFA will know, facial ageing and deterioration is an ongoing, 3-dimensional, multi-factorial problem that MUST be addressed from a number of different angles to achieve the best results. Botox and Dermal Fillers are just simply two tools in the aesthetic tool kit of modern day Dentists, but to consult patients properly and achieve amazing results, adjunctive therapies, like lasers and proper home skincare products, also need to be considered and used as part of a multi- pronged treatment plan.

Are You Using This ANTI-AGING Ingredient Yet?