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  Aussie blokes are becoming more and more image conscious – but they don’tnecessarily like to admit it. Now they don’t have to… men can visit the dentist to fixtheir teeth and add a side of “Brotox” while they’re in the chair.

When someone mentions a “Dental Conference”, often the images that spring to mind are not all that inspiring.  Sure conferences are a great one-stop shop for continuing education, being able to hear from multiple experts and listen to new ideas and concepts all under one roof, but on a personal level, they are SO BORING and never seem to change!

The 'Cosmetic Surgical Practice Working Party', conducted the world's largest review of cosmetic practices and developed the world's leading document reflecting best practice in this field entitled "Professional Standards for Cosmetic Practice" - AADFA fully supports and has adopted the conclusions in this document as it's Code of Practice.